A full and thorough overhaul of your watch.

The full service is necessary when a watch has not been overhauled for several years, or the mechanism is not functioning properly (if the oils have dried or if the case has suffered a shock for example).
It is also strongly recommended every 5 years.

This service includes:

  • The complete dismantle of the watch
  • Replacing the parts subject to wear and tear
  • Testing the magnetization and, if necessary, demagnetizing
  • Restoring / testing the movement
  • Polishing the case and the bracelet
  • Reassembling the watch
  • Testing the proper functioning and the movement power reserve for 48 hours or more if needed
  • Waterproof testing
  • Testing and adjusting the bracelet and the deployant clasp

When components are worn (dial, hands, crystal, crown, metal bracelet…) and need to be replaced, they will only be replaced and invoiced after your approval. This service is covered by a 12 months warranty that includes the intervention only.


Change a battery, test a movement...

The quick service allows you to change the battery in a quartz movement or adjust the movement of a mechanical watch, if it is not damaged.
It is recommended to do it every two years.

This service includes:

  • Opening the case
  • Replacing the battery for quartz watches
  • Adjusting the movement
  • Changing the bottom seal
  • Closing the case
  • Testing the case air-resistance
  • Cleaning the case and the bracelet with a soft cloth
  • Testing and adjusting the bracelet and the deployant clasp


The polishing service allows your watch/bracelet to regain its original shine and lustre.

This service includes:

  • Dismantling the case and bracelet
  • Removing the movement

Finishing the case, the bottom of the case, the clasp and the bracelet in three steps:

  • Eliminating superficial scratches with a hard brush and a very abrasive paste (it is to be noted that some deep scratches cannot be eliminated)
  • Smoothing the surface with a hard brush and an abrasive paste
  • The final shine will be obtained with a soft brush and a fine paste
  • Ultrasound cleaning of the box and bracelet
  • Reassembling the different components


The restoration service allows old watches to regain their original appearance and to function properly.

What is made possible through the restoration service:

  • Dismantle and reassemble the watch and its movement while strictly respecting the Swiss watchmaking know-how tradition
  • Repair a damaged component
  • Replace a component or manufacture it in case it is no longer available

Do you need a repair or restoration service?


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